35mm Slide to WEB, Film Negative to WEB, or Photo to WEB conversion
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Web Site Slide Show & Movie Conversions

Web Ready Slides and Photos to Web Slide Show
Movies and Tape Video to Web Movies

You can supply your 35mm slides, film negatives, or prints (up to 8" x 10") and we will transfer them to a "web slide show".

You can upload the slideshow directory from the supplied data CD directly to your web pages.  Once uploaded, your friends and family can catalog through thumbnail (small index images) of your content, select to see a automated slideshow of your content, or view your images one at a time at a higher resolution.   Use a Web Slideshow to:
  • Share Party Pictures with the World
  • Show Your Local Team Spirit
  • Announce That Baby In a Proud Way
  • Avoid Having to Sending Copies to Everyone (They can help themselves!)
  • Stop Sending So Many Email Pictures


If you would like your web slideshow customized to include:
  • custom web page design
  • custom graphics
  • custom controls
as part of our custom services offerings.

Get Custom DVD Movie Editing

We can also convert your home movies to standard web formats including:
  • AVI
  • ASF
  • Quicktime MOV
  • Real Media
  • Microsoft Media Format

Encoding and Digitizing
Training, Educational, Commercials, Infomercials, and Marketing videos can be viewed anywhere in the world through the internet.
We can digitize, encode, store and provide all your streaming services.
Custom pricing is based on the number of codecs and bit rates needed.

Encoding is available in different codecs and bit rates including: Windows Media, Real Player and Quicktime. Bit Rates range from narrow band telephone to single and dual speed ISDN's, DSL, cable modems, and T1 and higher.

Samples of codecs and speeds (in kbps):

Windows Media

Real Media

  Quick Time 


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