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When you want to turn those treasured moments into a quality video presentations, look to Movies-2-DVD Professional Editing Services. You become the Director!

Since all our work uses computer based editing systems, we will work to make sure you get the professional level production that you want. Common requests and projects include: Voice overlays (narration), Custom DVD Menus, Scrolling Titles, Photo Restoration, Photo Backgrounds, Mixture of photos and videos, Photo and Video Editing, Scene Transitions, Speed Correction, Film White Balancing and Color Correction. Also, we produce other file types in addition to DVD (MPEG2). So, if you would like multiple file types, perhaps for upload to Social Media sites like FaceBook, we can help!

What we can do:
  • Full Production DVDs with Menus, Titles, and Credits.
  • Custom music or voice overlays provided by you or from our collection of royalty free music. 
  • Graphics design work to produce gorgeous family video albums with custom text over photos to identify family members. 
  • Custom web slideshow design
  • Slide and Photo color balancing for faded or ill produced stills.
  • High resolution scanning suitable for professional printing.
  • Mixed media projects - producing DVD quality displays of both still and home video content. 

Memories preserved for a lifetime are perfect gifts to give to your love ones

Treasure a blessed anniversary

Capture the family for the younger generations

Let your children see what life was like the day they came into the world

Never let your spouse forget how special your wedding day really was

Let Us Help You
Preserve and Share Your Life

We are a family run and owned business.  We respect you the customer, and will treat your valuable moments as if they were our own.

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If you have a question, don't see what your looking for, or would like to discuss custom services, please send an email to: INFO@movies-2-dvd.com and include a day and evening phone number.

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