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Contact us about custom work, or conversion of other formats.

Our minimum order charge is $50. To evaluate our services, you may wish to send only representative sample of your project that meets the minimum charge. This is really the best method of evaluating how your media will look with our services.

Describing our services here and over the telephone is educational, but we feel it best that you see and judge the quality for yourself.

You should expect good quality from your VHS Camcorder tapes and even better quality from Digital8 movies converted to DVD by MOVIES-2-DVD.

By ordering a small project, you will be able to validate that your systems (DVD players and Computers) will support our DVD-R and DVD media and formats.

Digital encoding services for video, slide and photographs bridges the gap between past and future. Unlike analog recordings on film, paper, and tape, DVD preserves quality over time. Multiple DVD copies are the ideal method for long-term storage of your valuable video images. 

Our service provide a means to preserve your priceless collection of video, 35mm slides, and photographs from deterioration caused by time and the elements. One important advantage of digital media technology is that once the image has been converted to digital, duplicates with identical quality can be made at very reasonable prices. Thus, you can share these memories with your friends and family, and even have a backup copy for safe keeping.

Advancements are being made rapidly in video processing techniques, computer power, and improved image rendering software. We look forward to being able to offer an increasing number of these capabilities. For these or other reasons, MOVIES-2-DVD reserves the right to revise the design and specifications of the Evaluation Package without notice. If you have a specific question or request, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email. We appreciate your input and business.

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If you have a question, don't see what your looking for, or would like to discuss custom services, please send an email to: and include a day and evening phone number.

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