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Convert 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm Movie Film "Frame by Frame" to DVD
Quality "Frame by Frame" Movie Film Conversion
Digitally Transfer Movie Film to DVD

We offer a variety of media and format options to meet your specific requirements:

  • Standard DVD

  • Flash Drive (USB 3.0)

  • Hard Drive (USB 3.0)

  • Internet / Cloud
    Our High Quality, Computer Based Transfers Provide You the Option to View, Share, Edit, or Archive the Raw Capture, MPEG or Digital Files. Please call to discuss.

DVD menu, Chapter titles, and background music are included!
Movies-2-DVD makes it easy to copy home movies to DVD

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We exercise great care with your irreplaceable memories

8mm, Super 8, Single 8, and 16mm Home Movies to DVD Transfers

You will enjoy your home movies on high quality DVD with custom navigation features like DVD Menus and Chapter Titles for each reel of movie film -- allowing you start playing the DVD from any of your movie reels. If you know what is on the film, number and name each reel in the sequence to play on the DVD. Titles and play sequence can be changed later with our Director's Cut Service. Not only will your film be preserved, you can enjoy viewing your memories just like a Hollywood Movie. Share your treasured memories as a gift with digital copies of the DVD.

Did your projector break years ago?
Ask about our "Director's Cut" Service!

Archive Quality AVI files and MPEG Edit files Available

Why chose "FRAME BY FRAME" by Movies-2-DVD?

  • High quality transfer process designed for editing and producing DVDs
  • Competitive pricing, & fast, courteous service
  • Your memories are handled with great care
  • DVD is capable of twice the resolution of VHS tape
  • Our capture and editing is entirely computer based, no tape is used
  • Frame by Frame captures a digital image of each frame of movie film
  • Frame by Frame produces a much sharper movie compared to legacy telecine transfers that video tape your film as it is fast forwarded as much as 25%. (the frame by frame capture and computer editing process takes more time than on-the-fly video tape transfer methods - which are still being used today. We spread the work out across a computer network. Old technology transfer systems must speed up your film during transfer causing obvious speed and exposure distortion to the finished video. Using 50 year old analog technology is not the way to produce a quality film to digital transfer.


  • Absolutely NO Video Tape is involved in our Digital Transfer!
  • Designed for DVD specifications and resolution
  • Available for 8mm, Single 8, Super 8 and 16mm silent movie film
  • Consistent illumination (no dim edges or bright spots due to projection lighting)
  • Total absence of projection flicker (projection flicker is caused by the projector's mechanical shutter, with "frame by frame" there is no projection shutter, the film moves slowly as each frame is digitized and computer captured)
  • There are no conversion induced artifacts like excessive contrast and grain from projection screens, ground glass, white sheets, or spinning glass prisms.
  • Our process integrates and synchronizes the film movement and projection, computer capture and non-linear editing system, and video camera.
  • We believe that the clarity and accuracy is only surpassed by a professional grade Rank transfer at 50 to 100 times our price
  • The captured AVI files are available for your archival or further computer editing on data DVD discs. These AVI files are the same files that we use to edit your movie. We also offer the encoded MPEG-2 video and audio files on data DVD discs -- these files include our edits, chapter points, and audio.
  • Frame by Frame allows accurate frame rate conversion in software (most Regular 8mm film was shot at 16 Frames Per Second, -- Single 8, Super 8, and silent 16mm were shot at 18 Frames Per Second - while North American television is 30 frames per second). Most other transfer systems use a mechanical frame rate conversion method that "fast forwards" your film (often to 20 Frames Per Second) to avoid projection flicker.

Samples of Super 8 Frame by Frame (captured frames are 720 x 480 pixels)
(image size and resolution reduced for Web)


  • Old, brittle, or shrunken film may easily crack, break, or tear
  • "Frame by Frame" reduces (but does not eliminate) mechanical stress
  • "Frame by Frame" has successfully preserved many portions of damaged films that would have been impossible to transfer with legacy systems.
  • If films are shrunken, they should not be run through a normal projector
  • The original film should be stored in a cool, dry location (20% Relative Humidity)
  • Our 8mm film Frame by Frame transport does not engage the film sprockets
    (but does use the sprocket hole to align the frame of film for capture)
  • Our 16mm Frame by Frame slowly moves the film at 3 Frames Per Second
  • Please allow extra processing time for shrunken, warped, or damaged film
  • We process damaged film on a "best effort" basis (no guarantees), charges are based on reel size. Due to time involved, no discounts apply to damaged film.
  • We attempt to preserve some memories from film that would otherwise be lost
  • Some film (or portions) may be damaged beyond recovery
  • Warped, deformed, or damaged film may result in poor focus or jitter
  • Emulsion (color dye) damage may also be evident
  • Film that cracks when bent, can easily break during the capture process


  • We inspect, clean, and repair splices on your film for best image quality
  • Your shorter film is moved to new 7 inch reels and containers for future storage
  • The effects of time, temperature and humidity are continuous
  • Mildew, fungus, pollution, and chemical breakdown deteriorate movie film


  • Apply edits and titles after seeing an initial copy of the DVD
  • What is written on the box, may not be what is on the film
  • Did your projector quit working years ago...?
  • Concerned about breaking or damage to your old or brittle film?
  • Let us transfer your homes movies to DVD and send you a "Director's Cut" for your viewing and editing. Email your revisions for menu titles and clip sequence changes. We apply your edits to the digital copy of your project on our systems. Order copies of the final cut.
  • If you would like the option of using our Director's Cut service in the future, order the AVI and MPEG2 edit files, so we can restore your digital project.
  • We can overlay an audio narration of the DVD - call for details
  • Custom Audio and Video Editing Services are available on a reservation basis


  • You may have old VHS video tape conversions of your 8mm home movies
  • VHS video tape transfers are likely showing their age and deterioration
  • VHS video tape resolution is only about half the quality of DVD
  • Have your 8mm, Super 8, Single 8, and 16mm home movies converted to DVD or MPEG files with our  high quality "frame by frame" transfer process

Single 8 or Super 8 "MAGNETIC SOUND":

  • For 18 or 24 Frames per Second Single 8 or Super 8mm magnetic stripe sound movie film, we utilize a specially designed digital telecine system to provide synchronization with 30 frames per second television video and which also supports audio capture. 

16MM "Silent" and "Sound" MOVIE FILM:

  • For 16mm silent film, we transfer your movies with our 16mm "frame by frame" digital transfer process and systems. Silent 16mm film was normally shot at 18 Frames Per Second.
  • For 16mm "optical sound" film we utilize a specially designed 24 Frames Per Second digital telecine system equipped with a unique shutter that provides synchronization of 24 frames per second movie film with 30 frames per second television video and supports audio capture. This maintains the correct film speed for transfer.

Archive quality AVI files, and MPEG edit files

  •  For those who would like digital archive quality files of their movie film, or who want to do additional computer video editing, we have two optional services that can be included with your film to DVD conversion. We can provide the raw AVI video files captured from silent film, (8mm, Super 8, or 16mm silent movie film) and/or the MPEG encoded files (8mm, Super 8, or 16mm silent or sound movie film). These files are provided on "data" DVD-R media. For a 7 inch reel (400 feet) of silent 8mm or Super 8 movie film, the frame by frame AVI size is about 4 Gigabytes. By comparison, there is one MPEG file encoded for each 2 hour “video DVD” (approximately 1,600 feet of film, but also about 4 Gigabytes). Since these are the same raw AVI and MPEG files that are used to produce your video DVD, these are the highest quality files available. We perform a "validation check" on the data DVD-R discs we burn. Please copy the AVI or MPEG files from the data DVDs to your computer's hard-drive before editing. AVI and MPEG edit files are only offered as additional services to our standard DVD conversion.

What Type of Movie Film do you have?

  • We process 16mm, 8mm (Regular 8), and Super 8 movie film. Your film width and sprocket hole size should look like one of the sections of white leader shown below. The ruler is marked in inches.

       16mm  -------   8mm  ----- Super 8


  • The minutes of video on movie film is determined by the length of film, the size of each film frame, and the Frames Per Second (FPS) that the film was originally shot (and replayed).
  • We use a Computer based Non-Linear Editor (NLE) to provide the frame by frame speed conversion from the Film's exposure FPS to the 30 FPS standard for North American video (NTSC).

  • Most on-the-fly 8mm and Super 8 film transfer systems are mal-adjusted and force film to run at 20 FPS to avoid sever video "flicker", and therefore distort the video action that was originally filmed at 16 or 18 FPS - this is why most video transfers make the action move too fast. The film was never meant to look like this. You sometimes see these on-the-fly transfers shown on TV programs. True Frame-by-Frame film transfers allow the frame rate correction (Regular 8mm's 16 frames per second, or Super 8's 18 frames per second to NTSC Television's 30 frames per second) to occur in computer video rendering software. 
  • Professionally shot film was likely exposed at 24 FPS for higher quality
  • Regular 8mm is likely 16 FPS. other speeds are available
  • Super 8 is likely 18 or 24 FPS (we use 18 FPS for Super 8, 24 FPS is available)
  • Silent 16mm is likely 18 FPS
  • Optical sound 16mm is 24 FPS
  • Our "frame by frame" process allows us to perform accurate frame rate conversion in computer editing / rendering software.
  • All of our film transfer systems have "enlarged gates" to expose the entire film frame. Consumer Regular 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film has a 4:3 aspect ratio. This is the same ratio as standard NTSC Television and standard DVD format (720 x 480 pixels). 

Comparison of 8mm film at different camera FPS and 50 feet of film
(there are about 4000 individual frames on 50 feet of Regular 8mm film)

  • 12 FPS: 2nd most common 8mm frame rate (approximate run time: 5:33)
  • 16 FPS: (Regular 8) Most common 8mm frame rate (approximate run time: 4:10)
  • 18 FPS: Super 8 consumer, and 16mm Most common option (approximate run time: 3:42)
  • 24 FPS: 16mm Optical Sound, Super 8 and other Professional applications (approximate run time: 2:46)

Film Measurement by Reel Diameter for 8mm or Super 8 Format,
(Single 8 film is about 30% thinner than Super 8 film)

3 Inch Reel   50 Feet of Film   about 4 minutes of video
5 Inch Reel  200 Feet of Film  about 16 minutes of video
6 Inch Reel  300 Feet of Film  about 24 minutes of video
7 Inch Reel  400 Feet of Film  about 32 minutes of video

Film Measurement by Reel Diameter for 16mm Format at 18 Frames Per Second

7 Inch Reel  400 Feet of Film  about 15 minutes of video
10 Inch Reel  800 Feet of Film  about 30 minutes of video
12 Inch Reel  1200 Feet of Film  about 45 minutes of video
13 Inch Reel  1600 Feet of Film  about 60 minutes of video
14 Inch Reel  2000 Feet of Film  about 75 minutes of video
15 Inch Reel  2300 Feet of Film  about 90 minutes of video

We use DVD-R media. Your DVD player must support DVD-R to play our media. Our systems are configured for North American standards (NTSC). With the "frame by frame" capture method, other video output standards (MPEG-2 / 4) conversions are possible. Please contact us if you are interested in other video formats as custom work.


As part of providing our services, Movies-2-DVD cleans, repairs splices, and normally replaces your film reel and container. Please record any information on the reel or container that you want preserved. Number your reels in the sequence you want the video to play on the DVD. The DVD menu will be customized with your "DVD Title" (example: "The Smith Family Memories"), and DVD "Chapter Titles" for each reel of film (example: Chapter 1: 1950 - The Wedding). Send us the DVD Title and Chapter Titles along with your order, and email as an attachment (a Word Document is fine) to: INFO@movies-2-dvd.com. Please call us in Orlando or Naples at 1-239-206-3448 with questions or to discuss your project.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our Pricing Calculator handles our most common requests.

Don't hesitate to send us an email or call, we can even be reached on most evenings and weekends.

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If you just want to send us your films and have us work with you to define all the edits and titles, please call or email.

Customer Comment: Movies received!!!!!!!!!  they look GREAT. I am super impressed. I imagine you probably made quite a few people very happy this holiday.  I know my dad's buddy will be one of them!  Thanks again man!

WOW! I have just received and viewed the DVD, and “WOW”, quite honestly, is the first word that comes to mind. Not only have you afforded me the great delight of watching footage of myself as a little tyke (footage which, incidentally, I have never been able to view before), but you have also astounded me with the excellence of your service.  Its every aspect, from the helpful phone consultation, to the super-prompt turnaround time, to the great quality of the final product puts you on a level all businesses should aspire to. I will certainly be recommending your services to all of my kith and kin. A big heartfelt thank you!

Very nice job on converting my 8mm film to DVD. A while back I got a VHS copy of it made  from a large commercial outfit. The resulting video had cut off heads, lighting problems and very obvious dust bunnies . It was unwatchable. Needless to say, your DVD had no such problems. And the music track that you added was a nice touch. I appreciate your very fast service too. -- BTW, any chance I could still order a Director's Cut or an MPEG version of the movie? .... I want to be able to edit and burn additional copies/versions of this film. -- Thanks a lot!

My daughter and I viewed the movies this weekend...several times.  I am so pleased with the results! Great job!  Thanks!   Just makes me wish I had taken more movies of them as youngsters.  I am Federal Expressing a package to my son... as a surprise.  I told my daughter-in-law to call me when they start to watch so I can "be with them too" as they view it.

Greetings,  I just wanted to drop you folks a note thanking you for the outstanding job you did with the 8mm film I sent last week. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the images. This was the first time that I've had a film scanned and it looked great. These were the only movies of us as kids, so they are very special to us. The only thing missing was the projector sound effect to really take me back. That may be a option to offer. I will do my best to generate more business for you. I do have some old 8mm ... reels I may have you archive for me. Thanks again,

Another satisfied customer!   We love the DVD!!!!!  You did a wonderful job.  It was, in fact, our wedding, and we were thrilled with the results. We had never seen the movie before, and I didn't realize you would put it to music.  A very nice touch.  Thanks again for doing a great job. 

Thank you for your help with my family's films and for the fantastic job you did with them. If you have the time, please take a look at this post I made on a forum I belong to as it is a better  expression of my satisfaction with the results.
 I will include you and your company in the credits of my project and I'm sure you will have the  thanks of all my family members who will enjoy these films for years to come. My very best regards,

Joseph, I received the dvd and my films safely yesterday.  The whole family sat down to watch the dvd last night and it was quite an experience to see movies that I haven't seen in over 25 years (and that my children have never seen!)!  Thanks very much for an excellent product and such friendly communication!  I will send more films to you in the future!

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